Stipe Miocic


The Pride of Ohio, Stipe Miocic is a family man, firefighter and the longest standing Heavyweight Champion of the World. When he's not kicking your ass, or saving your ass, Stipe enjoys pushing his podcast forward, hitting the golf course in a BYLT polo, or spending time at home with his growing family.

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How It's BYLT

Stipe Miocic

Considered by many as the greatest heavyweight world champion in combat sports history, Stipe Miocic has carved a path to the top of the fight game through his winning mindset and relentless effort to finish the job. The champ is always inspired, and always present.

From the Source

"Since day one i've been a fan of the Drop-Cut style. I love the henleys, the LUX fabric, the polos for golf. It's like this stuff was BYLT for me." - Stipe Miocic