Stipe Miocic

Stipe Miocic | BYLT Basics 

Stipe Miocic  |  BYLT Basics

Considered by many as the greatest heavyweight world champion in combat sports history, Stipe Miocic has carved a path to the top of the fight game through his winning mindset and relentless effort to finish the job.
Unbothered by distractions from the media, disrespect from his critics, and fueled by the naysayers, Stipe continues to deliver time and time again. Whether he's in the cage, in the fire station, or with his family at home, the champ is always inspired and always present.
It's this desire to be the best version of himself, to always win, and to make every move in life with intent, that lead to our recent partnership. We are proud to support Stipe's daily grind with our premium apparel, and we are certain that Stipe is #BYLTforthis.